4.21.16 // Sinjun Strom

4.21.16 // Sinjun Strom

Sinjun Strom is our most recent photographer crush, and we like to think it’s more than just a fleeting infatuation.

Sinjun’s work, art and personal life are all seamless extensions of one another. Her colorful, near-graphic outfits are not just one-time-use costumes, but actual daily use attire. Bold colors palettes are a prevalent theme in her photography. “I incorporate a lot of colors and color blocking into my own personal style,” says Sinjun, “so right now i’m trying to translate that into my work so that everything I make feels like it’s mine and reflects my interests and personality.”

You can check out her style profile on Bohemian Magazine or her editorial in Valentina Magazine. Also, check out some of her newer work in Pink Things Magazine and LikeWise Magazine!

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