A photo taken by Sinjun Strom of some alien looking ladies in pastel clothing with white hair at our photo and video rental studios in Brooklyn, NYC.

4.21.16 // Sinjun Strom

4.21.16 // Sinjun Strom Sinjun Strom is our most recent photographer crush, and we like to think it’s more than just a fleeting infatuation. Sinjun’s work, art and personal life are all seamless extensions of one another. Her colorful, near-graphic …..

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photo studio NYC


Archives 03.29.15 Today in Studio A, the multimedia creative director, Siria Alvarez creating her new project “DARK & LIGHT” was inspired of the term Ying & Yang. The shoot was styled by Naima Karp. Siria Alvarez, Creative Director, model Ryan …..

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