Equipment Included With Your Video or Photo Studio Rental

The following lighting equipment is included in the rental fee for Studio A:

Profoto Equipment Package:

1 Profoto Acute 2400R Generator
3 Profoto Acute 2-D4 Flash Heads
3 Zoom Reflector 2
1 22″ Profoto Beauty Dish
2 Medium 3×4 soft boxes
2 Profoto Speed Rings

Grip and accessories included are:

Stands for lights
2 13′ Avenger roller stands, with 12′ crossbeam and super clamps
1 Pocket Wizard Transceiver (2nd is built into the Profoto power pack)
2 electrical extension cords
4 C-Stands arm, knuckle
2 Super Clamp w/J-Hook
4 sand bags
2 4’x8′ V-Flats
10′ ladder

Seamless background

We can include your choice of seamless background (9′) for $25 per pull. We keep super-white, grey and black in stock, and a rotating selection of other colors. If you have a special color request let us know 1 business day prior to your shoot and we will do our best to provide it as a special order item for $60 +tax. Please choose your colors from this color chart.


In-house equipment rental

No need to pay for costly deliveries or lug a bunch of heavy gear with you. If your shoot requires more than what we include, we can have any equipment item you need waiting for you on set! We have many camera, lighting, grip and electric options for both photo and video in house including Profoto, Hasselblad, Canon, RED Epic Dragons, tungsten, HMI, Kinos, and LED units as well as a everything in a 10 ton grip and electric package housed at our sister studio 1 block away. Anything we don’t carry we can source for you from our rental house partners. All equipment beyond what we include with the rental must be reserved in advance. You’re also welcome to bring your own equipment, but we don’t permit you to bring equipment in from outside rental houses. Email us for a quote!

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