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Four Separate Studios 1000-5000 sq. ft. — Full Lighting Grid Above Cyc — 900 Amps of 3 Phase Power — Full Turn Cyclorama — Full Service In House Equipment Rentals

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Starr Street Studios is an excellent option for crews looking to shoot large or small scale film and video productions. A versatile array of usable stages makes our studios ideal for a wide range of motion picture and video projects, including television commercials, feature-length films, webisodes, cooking shows, interviews, student films and more.

Studio A is a 1000 sq. ft video studio rental space with 13′ high ceilings and blackout curtains, perfect for small and medium-sized video and film shoots of all types. The space comes equipped with a client lounge setting and a hair and makeup station. Studio A rental time also includes the use of our video and photography studio equipment rental packages!

Studios B and C are furnished film studio rental spaces designed to replicate the setting of a modern NYC apartment. Both spaces come equipped with sofas, end tables, bathrooms and complete kitchen setups, and work well for interviews, commercials, television and cooking shows.

Studio D is a 5000+ sq. ft facility with a full-service in house rental department. With a 1000+ sq. ft. double wall cyclorama, client lounge, full HMU setup and drive-in capabilities, Studio D works well for large-scale film and video productions.

In addition to grip and lighting, Starr Street Studios is also one of Brooklyn, NYC’s best full-service production hubs! We are home to award winning directors, producers, editors and DP’s who can help you see your vision come to reality.

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