Get Behind Us // Charlie Gillette

A few months back we had an all girls team come into our Brooklyn photo studio to create a video performance inspired by the political apathy leading up to the election and the powerlessness and frustration around the current climate in the US. #Getbehindus was created to help honor and celebrate the next generation of artists and activists by displaying a message of unity and optimism via decorative patches on their blue jean back pockets with different slogans/messages. The set was very simple, only using apple boxes to help stagger different levels for the girls to stand on like bleachers and a couple of Kino lighting banks to light the shot.

Director, Charlie Gillette actively sought a diverse group of women from all backgrounds, professions, races, religions, age groups and body types to take part in this performance. Each participant was asked to name a cause they care about to put on their patch. The only guideline given was “no-hate”. Though the overall mood of the project hangs more on the playful side, ultimately it¬†seeks to inspire participation and action, which we they see as the gateway to positive change. For more information, take a look at this feature from our friends at Teen Vogue.

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