Photo Studio Rental

Photo Studio Rental Brooklyn, NYC

Four Separate Studios 1000-5000 sq. ft. — Daylight or Blackout — Rooftop Access — Full Turn Cyclorama

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A photo of our Briese rental equipment in front of the white cyclorama in our Brooklyn, NYC rental photography studio.

All of our Brooklyn, NYC photo studio rental locations are excellent options for your next still photography production! With four separate and diverse studio locations, we will always have just the right amount of space for you and your crew, no matter what the size of the shoot.

Studio A is a traditional loft photo studio space. It is 1000 sq. feet, with 13′ high ceilings. South-facing windows provide an excellent source of natural daylight, and can be blacked out for total lighting control. Beautiful clear white walls make for fantastic backdrops, or pull from our large selection of seamless for a custom look.

Rental cost for Studio A also covers the use of our Profoto lighting equipment package! We provide all the equipment you need for a professional quality photo shoot, including flash heads, a 2400 Acute pack, softboxes, Pocket Wizards and stands. Just bring your camera and you’re ready to shoot!

Studios B and C are fully furnished apartment sets, designed to replicate the look and feel of a stylish Brooklyn loft space. Both spaces come equipped with clean, modern living rooms, kitchens and bathrooms, and are perfect for photographers, directors and DPs looking for pre-built set locations. Studio B is 1000 sq. feet and Studio C is 650 sq. feet.

Studio D is our largest space, with 5000+ sq. feet of usable space and a massive 1200+ sq. foot cyc. With in-house equipment rentals and a full selection of Profoto equipment,  the space is perfect for large scale photography productions.

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