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Four Separate Studios 1000-5000 sq. ft. — Full Turn Cyclorama — Lighting Grid Above Cyc — In House Equipment Rentals

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Whether it’s for interviews, webisodes, short or feature-length films, Starr Street Studios is a great option for your next film or video production rolling sound in Brooklyn, NYC. Our studios range in size from 600-5000 sq. ft, which means we can always work within your budget to find an option that works for you!

Though not fully soundproofed, Studios A, B and D are ideal spaces for production companies seeking soundstage rentals for lower costs than fully soundproofed studios. Our facilities are private and safely nestled in the heart of Brooklyn’s historic Bushwick neighborhood. With south-facing, off street windows, both spaces provide quiet, secure environments for rolling sound. However we since we are not fully soundproofed, we recommend that each production scout the stage and make their own determination as to whether it will work for your unique needs.  Studio A is a 1000 sq. ft. studio facility, perfect for large sets and greenscreen productions. Studio B is intended to replicate the feel of a Brooklyn-style loft apartment, and is ideal for commercials and interviews. These facilities are attached and can be opened up to provide a 2000+ sq. ft workspace.

Studio D is a 5000 sq. ft. facility, perfect for larger video productions rolling sound. In addition to having a 1000+ sq. ft. cyclorama, it is a full-service rental house specializing in film and video equipment. In-house RED Epic Dragon and Arri Alexa means you’ll have everything you need for your video production. Former motion picture clients include Opening Ceremony, Legs Media, Lays Chips, and Eleven Seven Productions.

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