Soundstage Studio One

Soundstage Studio One: 3 Wall Green Screen Cyclorama

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-Three Wall Green Screen Cyclorama (24’W x 25’D x 11.5H’) – Perfect for CGI effects and virtual reality shoots!

-1500 sq ft Sound-Insulated Soundstage

-4500 Sq. Ft Facilities

-12′ Ceilings/11.5′ to Full Lighting Grid

-Hair and makeup suite w/bathroom

-700 Sq. Ft Common Space Lobby

-300/300MB Fios Internet

-600AMPs 3 Phase Power with Cam-Lok Drops

-Central Heat/AC

-Ground floor load

-In-house equipment rental

Soundstage Studio One is our dedicated green screen studio.  It is ideal for music video shoots, CGI, webisodes, interviews, and virtual reality shoots. The studio is approximately 1500 sq ft inside of a 4500 sq ft facility. It is 24′ wide, 60′ deep, with a 24′ by 25′ 3 wall cyclorama and 12′ ceilings with a full lighting grid above the cyc.

Soundstage Studio One is directly adjacent to Soundstage Studio Two. There is also a client lounge and separate HMU, out door shooting area and roof access with city skyline views.

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