Winden Jewelry// Shay Platz

Winden Jewelry// Shay Platz

We recently opened up our studio rental space to one of our favorite regulars, Photographer, Shay Platz and the crew over at Winden Jewelry to shoot a look book for their new line. Shay is known for her use of natural light in her photography and has a very minimal yet stunning aesthetic that draws you in. Designer Rebecca Mapes started the Brooklyn based company with her love of antique and vintage jewelry and her need to create a modern aesthetic while paying tribute to nostalgia. Winden Jewelry take great pride in using sustainable materials manufactured in the USA, with a majority of which have been recycled. Their supplier is based out of Virginia and has been dedicated to conserving energy and reusing materials. In fact, over half of their supply comes from scrap metal from other jewelers. You can find Winden Jewelry around town in numerous boutiques as well as her full line on their website. Keep your eyes open for her new line accompanied by some beautiful photos to go along with them.

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